Immunotherapy for Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is often the first symptom of allergic disease, commonly affecting young children, typically before 5 years of age. Atopic dermatitis is triggered by allergies to foods and environmental allergens (such as pollen, molds, pet dander and dust mites) in 85 percent of affected people. In many children with atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis will begin to develop at school age, and some of these children will develop asthma by adolescence. This progression of allergic disease is called the "atopic march". There has been some success at stopping the atopic march through the use of medications and immunotherapy (allergy shots).

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Ozone action days can flare up asthma, allergies

Summer months — especially ozone action days — can be tough on people with asthma and allergies. Phones ring constantly at the offices of medical doctors such as Todd Holman at East Texas Allergy & Asthma Associates in Longview.

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Are your allergies worse this season?

Achoo! A-a-a-choo!

The sounds of sneezes are often heard these days, especially since our mild winter accelerated the spring allergy season, according to allergy specialist Dr. Virginia E. Feldman of Hudson Valley Ear, Nose & Throat in the Town of Wallkill.

"This year is unusual," Feldman says. "Warm weather forced plants to bloom and flower weeks ahead of schedule."

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Traveling with Allergies

a woman blowing on a dandilion while traveling with allergies

Summer vacation. It conjures up visions of relaxation, sports, sunny days, perhaps sand and water or woodlands. For individuals and families with asthma and allergies though, it means extra thought and preparation before "the good times roll."

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Dust-bust all you like — you’ll never get rid of mites

Once a week, Diane Foernssler takes arms against the dust that invades her Darien, Ill., home, using everything from the vacuum cleaner to a special mop for blinds and baseboards.

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Workplace less supportive of allergies

U.S. schools offer support for children with allergies, but the workplace is far less supportive of those with food or other allergies, a U.S. food expert says.

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Asthma and Your Allergies


Have you wondered why every time your nasal allergies act up your asthma does too?

The connection between asthma and nasal allergy symptoms of allergic rhinitis, commonly called "hay fever," has been the subject of many epidemiological investigations, identifying a significant overlap between these diseases.

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5 Surprising Summer Allergies

..and how not to let them derail your warm weather fun.

Memorial day is the unofficial start of summer and avoiding a few nasty surprises can help you breathe easily during the next few months.

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Allergy management includes traditional, alternative treatments

Spring is here and it’s a sure bet allergy sufferers don’t need any reminders that along with the blooming flowers, they now have to deal with itchy eyes, runny or stuffy noses, scratchy throats, tingling ears and dozens of sneezes.

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Healthy update: Asthma and allergy tips help you find relief

More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies and asthma. In addition, asthma is a leading cause of hospital emergency department visits and school absenteeism, and it also is the cause of 3,500 annual deaths.

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