San Antonio, TX— February 14, 2012United Allergy Services (UAS)™, formerly known as United Allergy Labs™, today announced the company’s new name to better reflect its service role in the delivery of allergy testing and immunotherapy. United Allergy Services is the principal healthcare services company empowering physicians and health systems to deliver safe and effective allergy testing and customized immunotherapy services to patients.

After closely listening to its physician partners, UAS decided to change its name to more clearly communicate the business model that defines UAS as a healthcare service provider, not a laboratory. United Allergy Services’ physician partners, as well as their patients, will experience no changes in the allergy testing or immunotherapy services the Company provides, as the quality of care will remain safe, convenient and effective.

“Undeniably, seasonal and perennial allergies are a major U.S. health epidemic, impacting over 60 million U.S. patients,” said Nicolas Hollis, president and chief executive officer of United Allergy Services. “UAS is proud to continue providing the same premium support that our partner physicians rely on to conveniently, safely and effectively offer allergy testing and immunotherapy to their patients. Our name change reaffirms our mission to increase access to the only known cure for allergies to as many patients as possible.”

Empowered to better treat their patients, U.S. physicians have decidedly embraced United Allergy Services since its launch in 2009. Now operating in 18 states, the Company has assisted more than 1,000 providers to offer allergy tests and customized immunotherapy to 26,000 U.S. patients.

About United Allergy Services

United Allergy Services™ (UAS) brings effective and convenient allergy testing and immunotherapy to primary care physicians; pulmonologists; ENT physicians; pediatricians; internal medicine physicians; and healthcare systems that treat the vast majority of patients with seasonal and perennial allergies. UAS’s complete service line features in-office UAS Certified Allergy Specialist staffing and training; quality assurance and regulatory compliance; and supply and inventory management. By empowering physicians to safely administer allergy testing and immunotherapy treatment, UAS has effectively expanded access to immunotherapy to more than 60 million U.S. residents currently suffering from seasonal and perennial allergies.