San Antonio-based United Allergy Services continues to serve and expand.

SAN ANTONIO (October, 2019) – Since its founding in 2009, United Allergy Services has grown into the leading allergy diagnostic and immunotherapy services provider in the nation. Headquartered in San Antonio, the company has more patients currently on its protocol than any other allergy service provider. Over the past decade, UAS has provided allergy testing to more than 525,000 patients, nearly 350,000 of whom went on to treatment.

“We’re all so honored to have been able to provide life-changing treatment to allergy sufferers for as long as we have,” said Dr. Frederick Schaffer, UAS Chief Medical Officer. “With 10 years under our belt, we’re proud to be the leading organization in allergy testing and at-home allergy immunotherapy nationwide. We can’t wait to further expand our services and bring lifelong relief into even more homes.”

UAS offers patients a proprietary approach that effectively addresses the root causes of allergies instead of just the symptoms. Initial patient testing is easily conducted with a primary care physician, after which UAS helps create a provider-recommended protocol. Immunotherapy decreases a patient’s sensitivity to allergens by building tolerance in their immune system through gradual exposure over several months or years. Protocols are designed with consideration for each patient’s needs and can be conveniently administered at home.

At-home treatment has proved to be a main component in our continued growth and success in providing positive, long-lasting results. Patients complete our immunotherapy protocols at a significantly higher rate than the national average. Furthermore, patients who use our dedicated app, myAllergyPal®, see an additional 36 percent increase in completion over those who do not.

More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies and asthma every year, and UAS is working to provide convenient, comfortable testing and immunotherapy to as many as possible. With certified allergy specialists in over 500 locations across the United States, UAS has built relationships with nearly 3,000 practitioners and provided 33 million doses to patients, more than 80 percent of which were administered at home. UAS also provides practices with personnel, supplies, equipment, and marketing and patient materials needed for an integrated allergy center to function smoothly and efficiently.

“We owe our success at United Allergy Services to the compassion and vision of our employees and the physicians who use our services,” said CEO David Boone. “Those who are on the ground changing people’s lives are the true driving force of our company. And to the patients who have entrusted us with your care over the past 10 years, thank you for putting your health and comfort in our hands.”