More than 50 million Americans suffer from environmental, seasonal and perennial allergies, including ragweed, pollen, dust mites and animal dander. In addition, roughly 11% of adults and 7½% of children have a food allergy. Unfortunately, only a fraction seek treatment from a specialist, resulting in an annual cost of $18 billion to the healthcare system and businesses in the U.S.1

Most patients self-medicate with over-the-counter medications, but allergy relief can be elusive. The underlying cause of the condition still goes untreated and leaves patients suffering. The numbers are alarming, as 30% of adults and 40% of children struggle with allergies in the U.S.2

At the same time, providers are getting squeezed between wanting more time for quality patient care and the financial demands that ensure sustainable revenue for the practice.

On-Site Allergy Testing and Treatment

United Allergy Services (UAS) helps by partnering with medical practices to deliver in-office allergy testing for environmental and food allergies. While food allergies are usually dealt with by avoiding the allergen, environmental allergies can be successfully treated via immunotherapy.

Adding this service line improves the lives of patients by expanding access to affordable, high-quality allergy care as a seamless part of the practice and delivers an additional revenue stream to drive financial performance.

Why Immunotherapy?

Allergen-specific immunotherapy has been used to treat environmental allergic issues for over a century. It is the only treatment that addresses the immune dysfunction underlying allergic responses rather than simply treating symptoms or suppressing inflammation. It has been proven safe and effective in treating issues such as allergic rhinitis and asthma and can be offered by a primary care provider without needing to send the patient out to a specialist.3

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How Partnering with UAS Works

UAS partners with providers to test patients for allergies in the office and then creates a custom formulated immunotherapy from the patient’s allergy test and individual history. Treatments include:

  • Customized immunotherapy based on the patient’s history and test results is formulated onsite under provider supervision
  • Allergy shots administered in-office or at home by the patient, or
  • Allergy Allay Drops® (UAS’s branded sublingual immunotherapy) administered by the patient at home

UAS delivers a range of options for providers, including:

  • UAS-Staffed Allergy Center: Fully staffed and integrated UAS allergy services within the practice itself (with all clinical decisions being driven by the provider)
  • Self-Managed Kit Package: Provider practice receives online learning modules, supplies and customer support for everything needed to provide allergy testing and treatment solutions, with existing practice staff providing and managing the allergy services
  • Flexible Hybrid Package: Staffing-only solutions
    • UAS hires and manages the allergy technician for practices that have their own allergy protocols but have a difficult time hiring
    • UAS can fully train and support the practice’s employee on UAS protocol and provide the full range of services, systems and support in the UAS-staffed model but with the practice employee operating as the allergy technician

A Win-Win for Patients and Providers

UAS allergy testing and treatment services are proven, flexible, and customizable. They directly meet the allergy health needs of patients without requiring them to go elsewhere, keeping patients – and their dollars – within the provider’s practice.

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