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UAS is your allergy partner. Providers that choose to integrate a fully staffed and operated allergy center can count on our most comprehensive level of onboarding and ongoing allergy support. These practice solution services are both robust and scaled to offer you the “white label” allergy resources you need, when you need them. Whether it’s through our on-site personnel, field-based managers, or centralized customer support team, we aim to ensure that you feel confident and well-supported while partnering with us to deliver excellent care to your patients suffering from allergies.

Allergy Support Services


The hiring and year-round training of your Clinical Allergy Specialist (CAS) helps form an important foundation for your allergy center. While the CAS will be embedded in your practice, UAS will manage their sourcing and overseeing the CAS’s onboarding and ongoing training. Among other things, the CAS will be your allergy partner responsible for the following:

  • Educating patients on allergies, testing and potential treatment options
  • Administering allergy tests
  • Coordinating orders for their personalized immunotherapy
  • Contacting immunotherapy patients for follow-up appointments
Allergy partner, white label allergy services


Our practice solution services include pre-implementation delivery and replenishment of most essential allergy center supplies. These include:

All supplies are shipped from our Dallas-based pharmacy. Orders for replenishment will be primarily managed by the CAS.

Note: as part of our agreement, your practice must provide a select number of items. Please review our Provider FAQs for a full list.

Proprietary Immunotherapy Protocols

Since 2009, more patients have been treated under the United Allergy Services protocol than any other proprietary immunotherapy treatment. By partnering with UAS, you can be confident that you are providing your patients with an allergy treatment plan that is safe, effective, and designed to maximize patient convenience and adherence.

As your allergy partner, our “low and slow” approach allows for the safe and effective self-administration of both subcutaneous immunotherapy (allergy shots) and sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops), both of which are selected and implemented based on the results of a patient’s allergy test.

The formulation of all personalized immunotherapy will be carried out in our Dallas-based pharmacy and then shipped to your practice. Alternatively, some orders of sublingual immunotherapy can be shipped directly to a patient’s home.

Additional Practice Support

Our friendly customer support team is available Monday to Friday and prepared to answer a range of questions. These include:

  • Clinical or operational procedures
  • Payer support
  • Orders
  • Marketing questions

Additionally, ongoing reviews of industry regulations and best practices are conducted centrally by our expert teams to ensure the product and customer service we provide as your allergy partner is second to none.

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