With the allergy treatment, I am a new person – no more feeling bad, clogged head, runny nose, stuffy sinuses. Now I can breathe and get back to my old self!

– Patient, Mountain Head, AR

My experience has been nothing but informative, refreshing and above satisfaction. I feel like my life is changing for the better and with the high success rate, I will finish this therapy and cure my allergies for good. This thought helps me through life as a happier man.

– Patient, Brunswick, GA

Allergy Care Patient, Columbia, MarylandSince I have been on allergy injections, my life has changed tremendously. I have not had any major colds or anything. Even my doctor made a comment when I came in for my physical. She was surprised that she had not seen me for any sick visits. Thanks to your amazing staff. They are truly making this process a great experience.

– Patient, Columbia, Maryland

This experience has helped me figure out what I’m allergic to and learn how to administer the shots without going to the doctor’s office three times a week.

– Patient, Durham, NC

My husband and I recently had our two sons tested. The whole testing process was very easy and it was offered in our pediatrician’s office. We think the CAS did a wonderful job explaining the whole process to us. So far, we’ve had an excellent experience.

– Mother of a Patient, Lawrenceville, GA

The allergy testing process was fast, efficient and easy. I was kept informed every step of the way by the CAS. I was trained and tested on self-administering the immunotherapy and am quite confident that I can maintain the treatment at home. I look forward to seeing the progress and over time improve my quality of life.

– Patient, Dundywood, GA

I was very glad to hear there was a treatment for me and my son to help with our allergies. I was scared at first about giving myself the shot, but with the great training I was able to overcome that fear. Thank you.

– Patient, Saint Joseph, MO


– Patient, Baton Rouge, LA

I had a great experience. The CAS was very pleasant, well organized and knowledgeable of what was going on. She made the whole process go smoothly.

– Patient, Little Rock, AR

I have not suffered from an allergy attack in more than a year. Since beginning immunotherapy I’ve been able to play with my dogs and not suffer any adverse effects. It has changed my life! It has freed me from the confines of my home and the need for medications.

– Patient, San Antonio, TX

I like the process of giving the injections myself. I can tell a difference in my allergy symptoms, especially now that I am on my maintenance vials.

– Patient, Lafayette, LA

I have tried every medication and was to the point where nothing seemed to work when testing was suggested. I was excited to learn my insurance paid the full cost of testing and treatment.

– Patient, Saint Joseph, MO

I am an archaeologist and frequently work outdoors. I can tell a significant difference in how I feel during the height of allergy season. I have less congestion, sneezing, headaches and sore throats. I only wish I started immunotherapy sooner! I am very thankful this is offered at the same location where my primary care physician is located. It is very convenient.

– Patient, Berlin, NJ

Immunotherapy treatment has brought back hope to my otherwise hopeless allergy symptoms. I look forward to feeling better!

– Patient, Marlton, NJ

Five years ago I would often get sinusitis, bronchitis and pneumonia from my allergies. Since I started my immunotherapy treatment I have not had sinusitis or bronchitis. I am better physically than I’ve been in a long time.

– Patient, Oklahoma City, OK

My son developed asthma (aggravated, if not caused, by allergies) at two and a half years old after we moved to San Antonio, TX. He cried during the day and even more at night because his eyes itched and his nose dripped. After receiving injections for his allergies, he is no longer on inhalers, except during extremely high pollen or poor air quality days and only needs antihistamines on occasion. Thank you so much! My son is so happy and I no longer have to watch him constantly suffer.

– Mother of a Patient, San Antonio, TX

I have had allergy testing in the past, but was told my reactions were not severe enough to warrant treatment. Now that I have been tested again, I am pleased that someone finally understands that my allergy symptoms (which are almost year round) need to be addressed. I am very thankful to my doctor for testing me.

– Patient, Asheville, NC

I have less congestion, sneezing, and sore throats. I only wish I had started immunotherapy treatments sooner! I am very thankful that this is offered at the same location where my primary care physician is located.

– Patient, San Antonio, TX

My CAS is very pleasant, personable, very well educated and knowledgeable on allergy information. I have had a very pleasant experience every time I come in for my follow-up appointments. Her positive attitude makes me less nervous about self-injections.

– Patient, Saint Joseph, MO

The allergy testing helped identify and create a treatment plan, so that I wasn’t just taking medication for general allergies. The CAS was wonderful by explaining the process, results and treatment.

– Patient, Asheville, NC

The CAS has been a dream to work with. I never thought I could administer injections myself, but she made it very simple to learn and made me feel extremely comfortable. I am very glad that I chose to do this treatment.

– Patient, Sulphur, LA

My son’s experience is just beginning and has been very easy and seamless. We appreciate the personal attention given to us by our CAS.

– Mother of a Patient, Dundywood, GA

Although I was a bit worried about starting treatment in the spring. I have been amazed with the results already. And I love getting treatment through my physician’s office where I know everyone and am known!

– Patient, Atlanta, GA

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