Immunotherapy treatment has brought back hope to my otherwise hopeless allergy symptoms. I look forward to feeling better!

– Patient, Marlton, NJ

I like the process of giving the injections myself. I can tell a difference in my allergy symptoms, especially now that I am on my maintenance vials.

– Patient, Lafayette, LA

I have had allergy testing in the past, but was told my reactions were not severe enough to warrant treatment. Now that I have been tested again, I am pleased that someone finally understands that my allergy symptoms (which are almost year round) need to be addressed. I am very thankful to my doctor for testing me.

– Patient, Asheville, NC

This experience has helped me figure out what I’m allergic to and learn how to administer the shots without going to the doctor’s office three times a week.

– Patient, Durham, NC

The CAS has been a dream to work with. I never thought I could administer injections myself, but she made it very simple to learn and made me feel extremely comfortable. I am very glad that I chose to do this treatment.

– Patient, Sulphur, LA

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