In July, the San Antonio Express-News published an article on United Allergy Services’ history within the allergy space and how our company is moving forward from here. The story titled “San Antonio-based company shakes up allergy industry,” touches on some of the bumps and industry pushback that UAS has faced on its way to establishing itself as a leader in the world of home-based immunotherapy.

While the piece also echoes our detractors’ stance — one that UAS has combated in previous litigation, also noted in the article — featured quotes from UAS Chief Executive Officer David Boone and board-certified immunologist Dr. Edward Brooks reflect why we as a company continue to push forward. These reasons include the nationwide need for better access to allergy care, especially in rural communities, as well as the ability for allergen immunotherapy to improve lives and help reduce the economic impact that allergies have in America.

“‘We really revolutionized allergy care, which made the allergists angry,’ CEO David Boone said. I think it caught a lot of people off-guard.’

‘There’s no doubt that there’s a need for it, especially in the small towns,’ where allergists are often scarce, [Dr. Brooks] said. Despite more than 50 million Americans suffering from allergies, he said, allergists make up a small specialty in medicine. ‘Obviously, we can’t serve the entire population,’ he said. Companies such as UAS, he added, could screen patients and refer the more complicated cases to specialists.”

You can read the entire article, written by healthcare reporter Laura Garcia, on Express-News website by clicking here or as a PDF by clicking here.