Allergies are unique to each patient. That’s why there’s Allergy Allay Drops®, a personalized, at-home approach to modifying the root cause of patients’ allergies that is administered orally.

Allergy drops are a form of sublingual immunotherapy, a needle-free method of repeatedly exposing patients to small doses of the airborne allergens they are allergic to. Allergy Allay Drops® are formulated by their provider to reflect the specific results of each allergy test and individual patient history, with doses beginning at their weakest dilution and volume and slowly building up as patients grow more tolerant over time.

By following the daily dosage log and the clinical guidance of the provider, patients can best promote a safe and effective treatment that improves their long-term quality of life.

Note: The FDA has not reviewed or approved this product or any related statements about it. Contraindications include fever greater than 100°F; sinus infection; difficulty breathing; asthma symptoms; pregnancy; taking antibiotics or beta-blockers; 48 hours before/after vaccination or other injection. Contraindications can include uncontrolled asthma or advanced COPD, pregnancy, the concomitant use of beta blockers, immune disorders, or eosinophilic esophagitis. Fever, sinus infections, upper respiratory infections, active infection, respiratory symptoms, and 48 hours before and after another vaccine and injection are reasons to potentially temporarily hold IT doses. Report adverse reactions, mild or severe, to your provider. Risks may increase when dosage schedule is not followed as directed.

Side effects of mild allergic reactions include itching in the mouth or throat; tingling of the lips or tongue; sensation of fullness or mild swelling of the lips and anterior tongue. Symptoms can be treated with the liquid diphenhydramine (Benadryl® or generic equivalent). Severe reactions are less likely – seek immediate medical attention for shortness of breath or wheezing; swelling and tightness of the throat; significant swelling of the tongue, airway blockage; difficulty breathing or swallowing.

*Jacobsen et al. Clinical and Transitional Allergy 2012, 2:8

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