How can healthcare providers balance the demands for more patient quality time and the financial requirements for a sustainable practice? Although it may seem counterintuitive to offer an additional service line, doing so can deliver higher revenue, additional clinical support, and meet rising patient care needs.

Consider In-Office Allergy Testing and Treatment

While 50 to 60 million Americans suffer from environmental and food allergies, only a fraction seek treatment from a specialist. This situation creates an opportunity for providers to offer allergy testing and treatment services inside the practice.

United Allergy Services (UAS) partners with providers to significantly enhance the clinical and financial performance of the practice and improve the lives of patients. We expand access to affordable, high-quality allergy care seamlessly delivered in-office, under the direction and supervision of the on-site provider.

How a Partnership Between Providers and UAS Works

UAS offers a range of options for testing and treatment for patients suffering from allergies, including:

  • Food Allergy Testing: UAS tests to identify foods that the patient is allergic to and foods the patient may have a sensitivity or intolerance to. We can rule out a potential food allergy with a negative test. Once a patient’s specific allergies are identified, we then provide educational support regarding what foods these allergens can be found in to help the patient develop strategies to avoid them as best practice.
  • Environmental Allergy Testing and Treatment: UAS tests for environmental allergies and then treats the patient with immunotherapy that modifies the underlying allergic condition instead of simply treating the symptoms. Immunotherapy is custom formulated from each patient’s allergy test and individual history, developed on-site at the practice. Treatments can be:
    • Allergy shots administered in-office or at home by the patient, or
    • Allergy Allay Drops® (UAS’s branded sublingual immunotherapy) administered by the patient at home

There are three UAS partnership structures to choose from:

  • UAS-Staffed Allergy Center: Fully staffed with a Clinical Allergy Specialist (CAS) and integrated UAS allergy services imbedded within the practice, with all clinical decisions driven by the provider
  • Self-Managed Kit Package: Provider practice receives online learning modules, supplies and customer support for everything needed to provide allergy testing and treatment solutions, with existing practice staff providing and managing the allergy services
  • Flexible Hybrid Package: Staffing-only solutions:
    • UAS hires and manages an allergy technician for practices that have their own allergy protocols but have a difficult time hiring
    • UAS can fully train and support the practice’s employee on the UAS protocol and provide the full range of services, systems and support as in the UAS-staffed model

A Win-Win for Providers and Patients

A partnership with UAS enables practices to offer convenient in-house allergy care that improves patient quality of life and satisfaction while generating additional revenue. The practice maintains full clinical control and can easily test, treat and educate patients on environmental and food allergies with comprehensive UAS solutions including practice training, supplies, customer support, patient education tools and marketing materials.

By providing an alternate workstream within the practice, providers can free up their time to attend to other patients who need them while UAS helps take care of the allergy patients.

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