This Is the Time to
Add Allergy Testing & Treatment
to Your Practice

Why Offer Allergy Services?

  • Expand your practice and revenue
  • Bring relief to your suffering patients
  • Keep medical practice sustainable, even with lower patient volume

No medical practice is the same, but every private practice faces a similar challenge today: how to maximize business and patient outcomes in a COVID-impacted world. Our expertise and range of allergy solutions can help you achieve those goals.

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    Our Scalable Allergy Solutions

    • Environmental allergies
    • Food allergies
    • On-site allergy testing
    • Available through fully staffed and operated services and allergy kit models
    • Home-based allergen immunotherapy
    • Allergy shots
    • Allergy drops
    • Staffing services

    We know that healthcare practices such as yours have not gone unaffected by the new normal. Now more than ever, providers must balance growth and revenue with flexibility as you meet their patients’ changing needs and behaviors. Much of this is likely to continue in a post-COVID world.

    Allergies remain one of the most common chronic diseases in America, affecting tens of millions each year. However, only a fraction of allergy sufferers will seek out the long-term relief that our testing and treatment can offer. You can bridge that gap in your community.

    Your patients will benefit from the convenience of easier access to care, but that’s not all. Our protocol for allergy treatment allows for safe, at-home self-administration. This minimizes office visits and allows patients to take full control of their allergy treatment. Now, and in a post-COVID world, that convenience is more important than ever.

    That flexibility is also integral to our offering to you, the provider. We’re prepared to support you with a range of quality allergy services that are scaled to meet your needs and goals. Our Allergy Testing Kits can help you independently integrate allergy care into your existing services with streamlined onboarding and centralized support. We can also install a fully staffed and operated Allergy Center with minimal up-front investment from, the provider.

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