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United Allergy Services (UAS) enables healthcare providers to offer their patients a range of high-quality allergy solutions in the comfort and convenience of their office. Those services include testing for environmental and food allergies and our proprietary protocol for personalized allergy shots and allergy drops. Founded in 2009, we currently work with hundreds of practitioners across 20+ states and offer scalable business models, from fully staffed and operated allergy centers to allergy testing kits or a trained staff-only model to perform your in-house allergy protocols.

UAS offers two allergy center options: UAS-Staffed Allergy Center and a Self-Managed Kit Package. Learn more about which option would be best for your practice below.


Environmental Allergy Testing

By working with United Allergy Services, you are able to offer your patients a range of on-site allergy testing services. This begins with our core environmental allergy testing, which tests individuals for 54 allergens, including tree, grass, and weed pollen, molds, pet dander, dust mites, cockroaches, and more. All testing is needle-free, conducted through a minimally invasive, scratch test method. Back to chart ^

Food Allergy Testing

Food allergy awareness is a nationwide health issue and a part of our comprehensive service offering. Through our food allergy testing, you can help determine whether a patient has a food allergy or intolerance, giving them the awareness, peace-of-mind, and education, they need. We provide the tools and support to test for up to 23 foods, including: milk, soy, wheat, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. Back to chart ^

Subcutaneous Immunotherapy (SCIT)

Subcutaneous immunotherapy, or allergy shots, is a form of allergen immunotherapy. Allergen immunotherapy is the only proven, disease-modifying method of treating environmental allergies. Allergy shots have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and they are covered by most insurance plans after any applicable deductible and copay has been met. Back to chart ^

Sublingual Immunotherapy (Allergy Allay Drops®)

Allergy drops are a form of sublingual immunotherapy; a needle-free method of repeatedly exposing patients to small doses of the airborne allergens they are allergic to. Allergy Allay Drops® are formulated by the provider to reflect the specific results of each allergy test and individual patient history. Doses begin at their weakest dilution and volume and slowly build up as patients grow more tolerant over time. Back to chart ^

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Operational Management

Our Regional Market Managers (RMM) and Field Support Managers (FSM) are each dedicated to customer account management, ad-hoc reporting and analysis, business reviews, Clinical Allergy Specialist support, hiring, and performance management. Back to chart ^

Customer Support Representatives

A dedicated CSR will be available to remotely assist with general questions and concerns. Your representative will return calls or emails within 24-48 hours of inquiries. Back to chart ^

Trained UAS Staff On Site

Each Clinical Allergy Specialist has over 160 training hours plus dedicated supervisor (FSM) for continuous skills application and development (i.e., overcoming patient objections). Back to chart ^

Access to Online Learning Modules

We offer up-to-date modules for your practice’s staff members to perform everything from education, allergy testing, to prescription generation and immunotherapy administration. Back to chart ^

Continuing Education

We offer our team continual training and updates on allergy and patient care, USP 797, HIPAA, OSHA, CPR, etc. Back to chart ^

Shift Coverage

We maintain a floater pool for coverage when your resident Clinical Allergy Specialist is unavailable. Back to chart ^


We have an experienced, active recruiting team with proven target candidate profiles to match your practice’s needs. Back to chart ^

Scaled contract options and allergy care contracting models, fully staffed and operated allergy center


Prescription Generation

We generate a proprietary immunotherapy program that is safe and efficacious enough to be administered at home or in-office based on the patient’s needs and provider’s orders.

  • Under guidance of the provider, the CAS supports the prescription generation process in the UAS-Staffed Allergy Center.
  • Provider customers with the Self-Managed Kit Package work with their Customer Service Representative to generate the prescription formulations.

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myAllergyPal® Mobile App

myAllergyPal® is our proprietary digital allergy mobile application for patients to track dosage and provide allergy-related information. Back to chart ^

Patient Adherance Support

We offer tracking tools and centralized support to drive patient adherence and continuation through Salesforce. Back to chart ^

Electronic Screening

We provide clinic specific QR Codes and URL links, enabling electronic screening for allergy test candidates. Back to chart ^

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Clinical Assistance

Consultation for Complex Cases

Clinical Support Specialists review and assist you in managing adverse reaction cases, reformulation scenarios, and general clinical issues. Additionally, we provide opportunity for peer-to-peer reviews with the VP of Clinical and/or CMO – Board Certified Allergist for complex cases. Some limitations may apply to the self-managed kit package offering. Back to chart ^

Clinical Support Specialist

A dedicated CSS will be available to remotely assist in managing through any questions or concerns that would arise for your patients, their allergy care, and/or the clinical process and procedure within your practice. Some limitations may apply to the self-managed kit package offering. Back to chart ^

Customized Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy formulations are customized based on patient test results and recorded history of allergic symptomsBack to chart ^

Patient Tracking & History

Salesforce data management gives CAS access to track appointments, patients who have declined IT, and canceled or rescheduled to ensure appropriate follow up. Patient profiles are detailed with clinically relevant notes and documents stored within. Back to chart ^

Quality Assurance

We perform on-site or remote quality assurance check-ins to ensure compliance with clinical protocols, documentation, and extract management. These are conducted monthly and quarterly. Back to chart ^

Products & Supplies

Sourcing & Procurement

We work directly with suppliers to obtain extracts, PPE, and other supplies. Back to chart ^

Inventory Management

We have automated inventory level tracking and management with our electronic purchase order functionality. Back to chart ^


Reimbursement Updates

Our payer relations team continuously tracks payer guidelines and updates our database regularly to keep practices informed. Back to chart ^

Payer Relations Support

We provide general support for both Self-Managed Kit Package and UAS-Staffed Allergy Center customers. UAS-Staffed Allergy Centers also receive customized support of claim guidance; denial reviews; appeal submission; appeal follow up; audits and recoupments. Back to chart ^


Marketing Collateral for In-Office Use

Ongoing marketing materials are offered such as: on-hold messaging, printed educational posters/table tents/brochures, and digital marketing graphics for social media use. Back to chart ^

Seasonal Marketing Campaigns

Special marketing collateral and events are offered during peak allergy seasons to promote patient awareness and engagement. Back to chart ^

UAS understands that no two practices are alike. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand your practice and see how we can best support you with our growing suite of allergy care solutions. Learn how each can deliver better outcomes to your patients and practice.

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