Helping patients breathe easy has never been easier.

United Allergy Services enables healthcare providers to offer their patients a range of high-quality allergy solutions in the comfort and convenience of their office. Those services include testing for environmental and food allergies and our proprietary protocol for personalized allergy shots and allergy drops. Founded in 2009, we currently work with hundreds of practitioners across 20 states and offer scalable business models, from allergy testing kits to our fully staffed and operated allergy centers.

UAS understands that no two practices are alike. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand your practice and see how we can best support you with our growing suite of allergy care solutions. Learn how each can deliver better outcomes to your patients and practice.

Provider Services

If you suffer from recurring symptoms, either seasonally or year-round, you could benefit from allergy testing and immunotherapy treatment. Our website offers more information on our range of services and allows you to search for an allergy center near you.

Allergy Resources

See some tips on how to boost and expand your healthcare practice—and how value-added ancillary medical services like our allergy care solutions can help you achieve your goals, while bringing much-needed relief to your suffering patients.

Grow Your Practice

All-in-one allergy app helps manage your allergies every step of the way. Track injections, view allergy test results, check the pollen forecast, receive helpful tips and allergen information, and much more.

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