United Allergy Services Announces Company Rebrand

San Antonio, TX— February 14, 2012United Allergy Services (UAS)™, formerly known as United Allergy Labs™, today announced the company’s new name to better reflect its service role in the delivery of allergy testing and immunotherapy. United Allergy Services is the principal healthcare services company empowering physicians and health systems to deliver safe and effective allergy testing and customized immunotherapy services to patients.

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LAFP Welcomes New Partner – United Allergy Labs

United Allergy Labs (UAL) attended the Annual Assembly & Exhibition for the first time in August. UAL specializes in providing fully-staffed and operational allergy services inside physicians’ offices. “We enjoyed meeting the LAFP physicians at the tradeshow and telling them about our allergy service line,” says Russ Kendrick, UAL regional sales manager. “The physicians were engaged and understood our business premise that assists them to offer allergy testing and immunotherapy in their practice.”

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Allergy Treatment Nothing to Sneeze at

Allergies afflict more than 50 million Americans, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (ACAAI). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that patients seeking relief from the condition's trademark congestion, coughing, and itchy eyes account for more than 13 million medical visits annually.

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Dr. Schaffer's Guide To Indoor & Outdoor Allergies

United Allergy Labs Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Frederick Schaffer, board certified allergist and immunologist, was recently featured on ParentHood.com.

Allergy season seems like it's year round these days. As pollution and pollen levels continue to increase, millions of people are sniffly and sneezy. We talked with Dr. Frederick Schaffer, board certified allergist and immunologist and Chief Medical Officer for United Allergy Labs, and asked him to decode the allergy season and what you can do to keep pollen at bay.

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Has Climate Change Increased Seasonal Allergies?

A recent study suggests that severe seasonal changes may lead to higher levels of outdoor airborne allergens and increased allergy susceptibility.

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United Allergy Labs Helping Patients Find Relief

Nicolas Hollis, CEO of United Allergy Labs, says there is a large, untapped market for treating people suffering from seasonal allergies. A company in San Antonio is seeking to provide long‐lasting treatment for seasonal and perennial allergy sufferers.

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Heat Wave Especially Horrible for People with Certain Illnesses

Besides being hot and sticky, Lisa McDavid of Drexel, N.C., said, “I get really tired, can’t breathe out of my nose and my chest starts hurting.” McDavid suffers from seasonal allergies, a deviated septum and mitral valve prolapse, a condition that causes one of the heart valves to not close properly. “When it’s hot but not that humid, I can stand being outside a little longer, but when it’s humid, I feel like I’m suffocating.” Read more

5 Ways Americans’ Allergies Are Getting Worse

Allergies are going nowhere but up. One in five Americans now suffer from allergies, accounting for 17 million doctors appointments and 30,000 emergency room visits each year. And the numbers are on the rise, according to a large new study from the medical testing and information company Quest Diagnostics.

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Flu/Cold or Allergies?

Cough. Sneeze. Wheeze. You know the symptoms, but do you really know the cause? The similarities between symptoms of the flu/cold and nasal allergies (also called allergic rhinitis, indoor or outdoor allergies, seasonal allergies or hayfever) can cause confusion. Worse, it can cause you to make the wrong diagnosis and treat with the wrong medications. And, if allergies are left untreated, it can cause more serious conditions like sinusitis or ear infections. Learn about the difference below, and talk to your doctor about a complete medical exam to find out for sure:

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Cold & Allergy Quiz: Do You Know the Difference?

Do you know the difference between colds and allergies? Take this short quiz from Web MD to find out.

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