Back to School is the time to get tested before Fall Allergy Season begins

As Americans return to work and school from summer vacation, the fall allergy season will begin to impact many of the nearly 50 million allergy sufferers across the country. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Americans lost more than 6 million work and school days in 2018, costing about $18 billion. While this is a busy time for many, we recommend that those suffering take control of their allergy symptoms by getting tested before symptoms are present.

A key step in understanding what triggers your symptoms is with an allergy test. Through a series of gentle skin pricks, a patient’s skin is exposed to geographically specific seasonal and perennial allergens plus common indoor allergy triggers. Evaluation of the skin’s reaction identifies the allergens to target for each individual.

“For almost any medical condition, early detection often yields the best results. Allergies should be treated no differently,” said Dr. Frederick M. Schaffer, chief medical officer of United Allergy Services. “As allergy sufferers know, a rise in allergy symptoms typically coincides with an increase in medication use. Because the presence of antihistamines can impact the accuracy of test results, we try to encourage people to get tested before their allergy triggers are in the air.”

While allergic triggers vary between regions and patients, the most common cause this time of year is ragweed, a common allergen that can travel for hundreds of miles and has a pollination season that continues to lengthen.

Once test results are analyzed, a patient has several options for treatment. The most effective option is immunotherapy, with up to 85% seeing improvement through the course of treatment. Through treatments like ours, patients can undergo immunotherapy at home while under the care of a general practitioner, taking control of their allergies and working towards long-term relief from their symptoms. While we recommend at least three years of treatment for patients to experience long-term results, many experience some symptom relief after the first 12 months, which could be good news for when fall allergy season comes around next year.



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MySA story highlights United Allergy Services' role in the allergy space

In July, United Allergy Services was featured in a story on The first section of the article, titled "How immunotherapy is changing lives for people with allergies", looks at the allergy epidemic in America:

"Allergies pose a genuine health risk beyond stuffy noses and itchy, watery eyes. Those with intense allergic symptoms find their quality of life drastically affected, leading to missed school and work days, or even emergency room visits. Severe allergy sufferers may experience intense congestion, sneezing, hives or eczema, plus difficulty breathing. Of the 26 million Americans who suffer from asthma, around 60% have allergic asthma, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, meaning that the serious, life-threatening respiratory distress of asthma is triggered by allergic reactions to pollen and other substances."

The article goes on to explain the history of allergen immunotherapy and how it can still play a role in bridging the gap in allergy care:

"More than a century later, only 20% of allergy sufferers see an allergy specialist. And those that do must stick to a regimented schedule of frequent in-office visits for treatment for it to be effective. Now, innovation in allergy immunotherapy means patients can be tested by their general practitioner instead of seeking out a specialist, and then conduct their own treatment at home. That makes it more convenient to not only seek treatment but also stay committed to the immunotherapy protocol as it helps their bodies build up resistance to the allergens that impact their lives. At-home immunotherapy allows allergy sufferers to treat themselves over time."

The piece closes with a look at the efficacy of UAS's treatment program, including a quote from one patient whose quality of life has benefited from immunotherapy:

"Tiffany Conner of North Carolina says, 'I have lived with allergies my entire life and now I have almost no symptoms. Going through at-home immunotherapy treatment was the best decision I could have made.'"

You can read the entire story from by clicking here.

United Allergy Services launches mobile healthcare app to encourage patient medication adherence.

‘myAllergyPal’ Allows Patients Undergoing Immunotherapy Treatment to Track Symptoms, Medication and Medical Appointments

SAN ANTONIO, March 6, 2014 – United Allergy Services (UAS), a leading healthcare services company that enables family physicians, pediatricians and health systems to deliver safe and effective allergy testing and customized immunotherapy services, today announced myAllergyPal, an innovative mobile application that enables patients to track home-based immunotherapy treatment progress.

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Becky Wilcox | People on the Move

Becky Wilcox, Chief Human Resources Officer



Date added: February 10, 2014
Submission Type: Promotion
Current employer: United Allergy Services
Current title/position: Chief Human Resources Officer
Industry: Health Care
Position level: C-Level
Previous position: Director of Human Capital
Duties/responsibilities:Becky Wilcox led the Human Resources and Talent Acquisition teams and recently integrated these teams with Training and Organizational Development to form Human Capital. She built a team that supports growing HR and Talent needs through programs designed to recruit, retain and engage employees.


February 10, 2014

UAS WAO Abstract Published Online

Congratulations to Frederick M. Schaffer, M.D., CMO; Larry Garner, allergy consultant; and Andrew Naples, clinical research coordinator; on the recent publication of The Safety of the United Allergy Services Immunotherapy Protocol. The abstract was published online in a supplement to the World Allergy Organization (WAO) Journal on February 3, 2014.


Click the link to access the publication:

The data was presented at the WAO Annual Symposium on Immunotherapy and Biologics in Chicago. The team earned Top Abstract Award by the WAO and was honored at the symposium in December.

United Allergy Services streamlines HR and recruitment: solution eases document management for UAS

Founded in 2009, United Allergy Services (UAS) provides effective allergy testing and immunotherapy to the healthcare systems and professionals that treat patients with seasonal and perennial allergies.

Employing over 800 people, the service line features an in-office Allergy Centre, staffing and training, on-going education for the physician and staff, technology services, reimbursement assistance, quality assurance and regulatory compliance, and supply and inventory management.

UAS has effectively expanded access to allergy testing and treatment to the more than 60 million US residents suffering from allergies.

As a rapidly growing company, the human resources team at UAS was struggling with the burgeoning employee records it was required to manage.

“We were keeping our HR and recruitment records in paper files, making any reporting or searching of data lengthy and inefficient,” says Peter Gerard, VP of Human Resources at UAS.

“We needed a system which could help manage our human capital and recruitment processes efficiently and quickly.”

On top of this was the need to manage its healthcare training programmes.

“The healthcare market is suffering from a shortage of licensed and trained professionals,” Gerard says. “As a multi-state enterprise, working with some of the largest healthcare systems in the country, UAS is capable of bringing hundreds of certified, trained professionals to the market and we needed a system which could enable us to track our work in this area.”

Gerard was also keen to find a solution that would integrate with and other current systems in use by UAS. Fairsail won the selection process, built on the platform and fully compatible with its existing technology.

After the initial consultation with Fairsail, UAS selected the two modules that would help them address the business challenges they faced.

“Fairsail had some great features to offer which we knew would provide a solution to the challenges we were facing,” says Gerard. “This, along with its ability to plug directly into the environment made it the clear choice for us.”

The module selected by UAS was Fairsail Recruit because of its ability to integrate and audit the entire process of recruitment, which for a rapidly growing organisation like UAS was essential.

It offers a robust recruitment and selection process, managing all processes from specifying job requirements to making a job offer. Criteria such as skills, competencies and qualifications can easily be added to the process helping users identify the best candidates.

Furthermore, its integration with social media and job boards means vacancies can now be shared to wider talent pools without any additional effort.

UAS also opted for a second Fairsail module, Human Capital Management (HCM), to bring together processes such as performance ratings, job descriptions and development plans in a single portal.

It allows managers to track and interact with employees to work on career paths and strategic planning through its HR management portal, and brings together an entire workforce via its collaboration portal.

“Our HR team saw a difference immediately,” Gerard says. “It enabled us to electronically process candidate applications in a system which is easy to track.

“Fairsail Recruit has made the process of finding and assessing applicants much easier, allowing us to search by applicant and vacancies online and automate the hiring and on-boarding process.

“On the Human Capital Management side of the programme, Fairsail has the ability to save employee data and run useful reports which allow managers to track employee development and engagement.”

With HR now freed up from the lengthy paperwork of the old system, the team is able to focus on how it can best support business growth plans for the future – turning HR from an administrative function to a strategic one.

“We now have better reporting and more robust data to help us focus on the strategic priorities for HR going forward. Fairsail has saved us money and man-hours by automating emails, steps and processes meaning we now have a faster and more efficient reporting program.”

As UAS continues to grow, Fairsail is growing alongside it to rapidly develop the product to capture and report even more data. Since implementing the new system, UAS has requested upgrades or new features on a fairly consistent basis, challenging Fairsail to meet the requirements of a large and growing business.


Posted by Ben Rossi
January 15, 2014

Fairsail Streamlines Human Resources and Recruitment Processes for United Allergy Services

Reading, UK 1 Oct 2013 – Fairsail, the leader in Global Workforce Collaboration, today announced United Allergy Services (UAS), a leading healthcare services company empowering doctor and health systems to deliver safe and effective allergy testing and immunotherapy services, has selected it to streamline and manage its human resource, human capital management and recruitment processes, bringing together its global team on a single platform.

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AccessMD Urgent Care Teams with United Allergy Services to Expand Allergy Care Offerings

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Sept. 4, 2013/ -- AccessMD Urgent Care (which also operates as Hometown Urgent Care) today announced that it has partnered with United Allergy Services® (UAS), a leading healthcare services company empowering family physicians and health systems to deliver safe and effective allergy testing and customized immunotherapy, to expand access to comprehensive allergy treatment in its clinics throughout the Midwest. With 23 urgent care facilities, AccessMD Urgent Care provides full service care for minor illnesses, fractures, lacerations, burns and other non-life-threatening conditions at its clinics throughout the region.

In addition to providing customary urgent care services, AccessMD Urgent Care delivers on-site X-rays, labs, EKGs and prescriptions to its patients, as well as robust sports and work injury programs for employers. Recognizing the increasing need for urgent and primary care providers to manage overall patient health and care coordination, as well as the growing demand for allergy services, AccessMD Urgent Care chose to partner with UAS for its innovative approach to preventing and managing allergic rhinitis and asthma. UAS' complete service line features an in-office Allergy Center, staffing and training for the provision of allergen immunotherapy, the only treatment proven to address the underlying cause of allergic disease and prevent its progression.

"We are committed to increasing and enhancing our services to meet patient needs and to continuously improve patient care at all of our facilities," said Thomas Watson, CEO of AccessMD Urgent Care. "We are thrilled to partner with UAS, a company with a proven track record and leadership in allergy care, to offer testing and therapy that goes beyond simply masking symptoms to best addressing the root of patients' allergic conditions, while providing the ease of walk-in care."

Implementation of UAS-supported allergy services will begin at eight AccessMD Urgent Care clinics this month in advance of the fall allergy season. The clinics, which include locations in Springfield, Sidney, Springboro, Hilliard, Delaware, Youngstown, Wooster and Milford, Ohio, were selected for the high prevalence of allergy care needs among the patient communities they serve, with plans to increase services at other sites in the future.

"AccessMD Urgent Care is an excellent example of an urgent care provider that anticipates and adapts to patient need," said Nicolas Hollis, president and CEO of UAS. "United Allergy Services is excited to begin our relationship with this important community healthcare provider, and shares in AccessMD Urgent Care's mission to increase patients' access to the treatment options they need to ensure and maintain their health."

AccessMD Urgent Care and UAS hope to complete the implementation of allergy services at the remainder of AccessMD's facilities within the next year.

About AccessMD Urgent Care

AccessMD Urgent Care, which also operates as Hometown Urgent Care, is the largest urgent care provider in the Midwest with clinics in Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Northern Ohio and Michigan. Experienced physicians and staff provide the compassion and quality care patients deserve to start feeling better fast. AccessMD is a full service urgent care center with on-site X-rays, labs, EKGs and prescriptions. Comprehensive care includes treatment for all minor illnesses, such as colds, the flu, coughs, infections, sports and work injuries, minor fractures, lacerations, minor burns, and many other non-life-threatening illnesses. All major insurances are accepted, and affordable self-pay rates are available. Visit for more information.

About United Allergy Services

United Allergy Services® (UAS) brings effective and convenient allergy testing and immunotherapy to primary care physicians; pulmonologists; ENT physicians; pediatricians; internal medicine physicians; and healthcare systems that treat the vast majority of patients with seasonal and perennial allergies. UAS' complete service line features in-office UAS Certified Clinical Allergy Specialist staffing and training; quality assurance and regulatory compliance; and supply and inventory management. By empowering physicians to safely administer allergy testing and immunotherapy treatment, UAS has effectively expanded access to immunotherapy to more than 60 million U.S. residents currently suffering from seasonal and perennial allergies.

Kenneth Burdick Named Executive Vice Chairman of United Allergy Services Board of Directors

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – August 28, 2013 – United Allergy Services(UAS)™, the leading healthcare services company empowering physicians and health systems to deliver safe and effective allergy testing and customized immunotherapy services, today announced that Kenneth Burdick has accepted the role of Executive Vice Chairman of the UAS Board of Directors.

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United Allergy gets big booster shot from private-equity firm Serent Capital

Private-equity firm Serent Capital has acquired an ownership stake in United Allergy Services (UAS).

That deal is expected to give San Antonio-based UAS more financial muscle, a greater diversity of operational expertise and an ability to pursue more growth opportunities nationally.

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