If you have allergies, the worst season could be on our doorstep.

While it’s chilly outside, doctors are expecting seasonal allergies to arrive early this year, and much more intense.

Experts said you can blame the weather and the temperature roller coaster.

Allergies sent Ekta Chambria straight to the doctor. She never had trouble with allergies until her late 20s.

“My throat would be itchy. My eyes would be itchy. My nose would be running. I was a mess every single morning,” she said. “I’m allergic to grass, pollen, ragweed, trees, dust mite, cat and dog.”

Doctors are preparing for an early onslaught of allergy problems.

“When you have real warm days, cold days and warm again, you get real intense bursts of pollen that can be really bad for the allergy sufferers,” said Dr. Summit Shaw, of Premiere Allergy. “If your symptoms are only there for a couple days or mild symptoms, antihistamines will work fine.”

But if you are one of those who suffers every season, experts recommend talking to your physician about long-term medication or allergy shots.

“I’m glad I started my immunotherapy when I did,” Chambria said.

Even if you’ve never had issues with allergies before, they can come on at any age — especially if you move across the country.

Treatment usually starts with avoidance, including staying inside during peak allergy days. Then, go for over-the-counter allergy medication, and if that doesn’t work, head to the doctor for a prescription.


By: Denise Yost
February 18, 2013