Since 2009, United Allergy Services has worked with various kinds of providers around the country to help them expand their care with ancillary medical services. Because each provider is different, we offer scaled contract options: a range of allergy services that fit each provider’s capacity, patient population and business goals. These include different modalities of treatment, testing for various kinds of allergies, and flexible business contracts.

Under both our Fully Staffed Allergy Center and Allergy Testing Kit models, you can count on our support, expertise, and ability to centrally fulfill orders for allergen immunotherapy. As your allergy partner, our team will make sure your practice is seamlessly onboarded and confident in its ability to offer quality allergy care.

Read more about our two allergy care contracting models below and reach out to us to discuss how our allergy solutions can best support you.

Fully Staffed & Operated Allergy Center

Through our core model of allergy services, we’ll set up a fully staffed and operated allergy center in your office. This option requires little up-front cost from you, the provider; however, there are space and facility requirements in place for us to set up an operational and compliant allergy center.

At our own cost, UAS will provide all personnel, supplies and equipment needed for your allergy center to function smoothly and efficiently. We will hire and train a Clinical Allergy Specialist who will educate patients, administer allergy tests and support patients in their allergy treatment and immunotherapy, all under your supervision.

Within this option, providers can elect one of two payment methods: standard contracts or flat monthly fee. Our team will work with you so that you understand the benefits of both and which scaled contract option is best for you.

Scaled contract options and allergy care contracting models, fully staffed and operated allergy center

Allergy Testing Kits

For the practices that do not have the office space or patient volume to support our fully staffed model, we offer our Allergy Testing Kits. Under the kit model, the provider will own all operational functions, with the support of our friendly customer support team.

Whether you purchase an Environmental or Food Allergy Testing kit, we will send you all the necessary supplies to administer and promote your in-office allergy testing.

Allergy Testing Kits


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