Tis the season to avoid hidden allergy triggers so you can be freer to enjoy your home and family.

Steer clear of wood smoke

While a wood-burning fireplace is inviting with it’s woodsy smell and cozy feel, the fires also emit irritating particles and gases that can set off asthma and allergies. Instead, switch to gas or propane fireplace.

Watch out for live Christmas trees

Live trees come from the outdoors, and though they make your home smell fresh, they can have allergens like fertilizer, pollen, and mold build on them. Wash the branches with water before bringing it inside and don’t keep the tree in your home for more than a week. If all else fails, switch to an artificial tree.

Check indoor humidity levels

If moisture is a problem in your home, check the indoor humidity level. Use a dehumidifier or air conditioner and run the exhaust fan whenever you cook or take a shower to lower the humidity in the room. This will reduce the growth of molds, cockroaches, and house dust mites.

Replace furnace filters

A clean furnace filter reduces the amount of dirt and dust circulating in the air. Clean or change your furnace filter once a month to combat hidden allergies and breathe easier.

Clean bedding weekly

Eliminate dust mites that thrive in bedding, soft furnishing and even stuffed animals. Wash your sheets and bedding once a week in hot water at least 130 degrees and use barriers such as mattress and pillow encasements.


By Melanie Scheer
December 13, 2013