Home is the best thing in the world – except if you are allergic to your house. Many people are reported to be allergic to something or the other inside their own houses. These are some indoor allergies that are caused due to indoor allergens like dust, moth, dirt and mosquito. Pets are also responsible for causing allergies. There are some people who are allergic to dog fur and cat hair as well. RECOMMENDED READ: 9 Ways To Quit Smoking Indoor allergens are more prominent in areas like the bedroom, bathroom and playrooms. The allergens can cause rashes, boils and respiratory problems like sneezing, coughing, asthma and so on. Every person has a different allergic reaction to an allergen, and hence it is essential to know how to prevent indoor allergies at home. In this article we will find ways to free the house from indoor allergens and make it allergy free. To prevent indoor allergies, survey your house and find the possible allergens. This should be the first step for making your house allergy proof. Once you know the cause of allergies, you may take one of the following steps.
Dust prevention
The major indoor allergies are caused by dust and dirt. Dust can cause rashes, breathing problems and uneasiness. To prevent dust from entering the house, you have to use a few precautions. Dusting the house regularly is one common precaution. Apart from that you must keep the furniture and accessories clean. Wash the pillow covers, bed covers and blankets regularly. These are some things that have dust accumulated on them. Also to prevent dust you may keep the windows closed; use dust traps if necessary.
Moth traps and Mosquito traps
Moth, flies and mosquitoes can also be a cause for allergies. A good tip to prevent indoor allergies is using moth traps or mosquito traps. Use these traps outside the main doors and windows to keep these out of your home. There are electrical and mechanical traps available in the market. You may also use certain insect sprays which would kill the existing moth and mosquito population in your house.
Pet care
Pets are also one major cause of allergies at home. Pets like dogs and cats lose hair frequently. The hair and fur of these animals can trigger an allergy in many people. One good tip to prevent indoor allergies due to pets is by maintaining and caring for the pets. The animals should be cleaned, washed and their hair should be trimmed every once in a while. There are some medicinal shampoos and creams that prevent hair fall for animals. These are a few ways by which you can avoid any allergens that irritate any person.
Avoid strong incense
Some people are reported to be allergic to strong smelling perfumes or room fresheners. If you are one of them, avoid using heavily scented perfumes, incense sticks, room fresheners and bathroom fresheners. The pungent smell can cause severe cold, headache and even nausea at times. So keep these tips in mind if you want to make your home free of allergies.
By Anvi Mehta
January 25, 2014