“I have been sneezing a lot more lately when I am out running or exercising,” said Regina Harrison.

As fall approaches, a lot of people suffer from allergies because of the change in weather, but people are noticing the symptoms: itchy and watery eyes, nasal congestion, coughing and sneezing much earlier this year.

Dr. Gray Norris said there has been a recent spike because of all of the rain we have had this summer.

“I think the weeds are a little bit early. I think they have gotten a little bit of a head start with all of the water we have had for them to grow,” said Norris.

So far this year, Charlotte has seen more than 35 inches of rain. Normally by this time Charlotte has an average of 28 inches.

All of that wet weather has caused an early rise in ragweed and mold.

Norris said do not expect conditions to change any time soon.

“We are going to have fairly high levels until we get some really cold weather. Once we get a really good freeze that will knock the levels down,” said Norris.

Charlotte has already seen a burst of cooler temperatures, but meteorologists don’t expect the cold weather to arrive until late October.


By Vicki Graf
September 2, 2013