Sunny, breezy weather can be harsh on cedar sufferers.

If you suffer from cedar allergies, try to stay indoors on a high pollen day.

The male cedar trees are the culprits. They are the ones with cones. The female trees have juniper berries, and do not produce pollen.

Cedar season starts in mid-December and lasts until mid-February, so it is currently in its prime.
When it is sunny and breezy after a couple of wet days, the pollen can be especially severe.

If you cannot stay indoors on a day like this, Dr. Ross Tobelman with Scott and White Hospital in Round Rock says to make sure you wash your hair before you go to bed, so that you are not sleeping with the pollen.

“You’ll wake up, your eyes will be itchy, your nose will be runny, your throat will kinda feel that dry kinda raspy scratchy feeling. You might have a little bit of a cough and be a little achy,” said Dr. Tobelman, describing the symptoms of cedar fever.

He says over-the-counter remedies like Benadryl or nasal rinses could bring relief.

But if your symptoms persevere, he suggests seeing a doctor for a prescription, or a referral to an allergy specialist.


by Heather Kovar
January 7, 2013