When we think of allergies, we think of flowers blooming and the wind churning in the spring. But many of us, myself included, are wondering: Why have our eyes been watering in late summer?

The reason it’s been worse this summer compared to previous years is due to the rain, according to allergist Mark Schuyler from UNM Hospital.

He also says that there are two allergy seasons in New Mexico: The first begins in the spring with juniper and the second in the fall typically deals with weeds like pigweed, four-wing saltbush, kochia, greasewood and tumbleweeds.

You may be allergic to these plants if you’ve been suffering from a runny nose, watery and itchy eyes, itchy nose, sneezing and coughing, along with dark circles under the eyes over the past few days and weeks.

Unfortunately, Dr. Schuyler stated that the fall allergies will last until the first frost, which typically hits Albuquerque in mid to late October.


By: Jorge Torres
August 29, 2013