The heavy rains this monsoon season have been great for New Mexico. Putting a major league dent in the drought, along with making the state look greener, but it’s been very bad for allergy sufferers.

You would think that the torrential downpours would mean no allergy issues, right? Not the case, says Dr. Mark Schuyler at UNM Hospital.

“The rain temporarily helps in that it brings down the pollens in the air but then the rain hits the ground, where plants are located and helps them grow better,” he said.

In New Mexico, the late summer and early fall is weed season.

It’s those pesky weeds that have been growing as high as seven feet in some spots that are causing your eyes to water, and nose to run.

Dr. Schuyler says that the weeds are coming in earlier this year. What’s even worse is that this is only the beginning.

If you allergy sufferers are hoping for some relief anytime soon, guess again. You’ll have to wait until at least the first big frost, which usually comes around Balloon Fiesta, for the weeds to die off.


By Jorge Torres
August 1, 2014