Allergy sufferers can usually make it through July without many problems, but the lack of rain is changing their situation.

Allergists are already starting treating plenty of patients for their fall allergies.

“People are coming in with the runny noses, itchy eyes, and things of that nature,” said John Forbes, Medicap Pharmacist.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association puts Iowa in the middle of the worst allergy conditions in the country; with a forecast showing things will not get much better.

So, what’s causing the sniffles?

“Usually ragweed and some other kinds of weed, which pollinate around this time of the year,” said Dr. Ahmad Al-Shash, an allergist in West Des Moines.

Ragweed levels are high, but it may soon not be the only thing pestering allergy suffers.  Harvest will put lots of dust into the air later this fall, possibly worsening conditions.

“Now the heat is coming back so probably the worst is yet to come,” said Dr. Al-Shash.  “Not good for allergy suffers.”

Dr. Al-Shash suggests if you suffer from fall allergies to stay indoors with air conditioning. If things still don’t improve, try for medication.

“We’re in about the first week,” said Forbes.  “I think we’ll see it peak out in the next four to six weeks.  And then some time around late October when we get a good first hard frost.  Then we’ll see the season die down.”

If over the counter medication does not make a difference, you should make an appointment with a doctor.


By Alex Schuman
August 22, 2013