There’s something in the air that’s sickening many people with allergies. We spoke to the allergy experts and found out how the weather is to be blamed.
San Antonio During a drought, pollen counts are not as high mainly because the trees aren’t healthy enough to produce pollen. But with all the rain we’ve had recently, we can expect the count to be heavier this season.
According to Dr. Paul Ratner of Sylvana Research, “You need rain, you need milder temperatures.
“Well, we’ve been getting both! Right now we’re entering ragweed season. The counts have been in the light range the past few days, but expect the count to go higher over the next few weeks.
Allergy sufferers also have to deal with Mold and Fall Elm right now. The Mold count always skyrockets after a good rainfall and Fall Elm thrives on cooler weather. Fall Elm usually lasts through September so that should be tapering off soon.
September 18, 2014