Cedar fever has is some of the worst it has ever been in Central Texas, and for most allergy sufferers it could take on a whole new meaning of sickness.

When winds kick up that is when allergies kick in. Romona Cruz-Peters’ hoarse voice is proof that cedar fever got the best of her this year.

“It’s defiantly been the worst I’ve had since living in Texas,” Cruz-Peters said. “It started off with the usual sniffling, sneezing, and watery eyes.”

That little stuffy nose escalated in to something more serious. Her allergies turned into a fever, then turned in to a sinus infection and now she believed she may have laryngitis.

“I had no idea that it could make you really ill and, in fact, dangerously sick,” Cruz-Peters said.

Central Texas is covered in cedar trees, and pollen counts have reached record highs, so doctors warn secondary illnesses are common.

Doctor Ross Tobleman with Scott and White Hospital in Round Rock said the winds have been blowing pollen everywhere around the city, and it is causing people to become sick with serious infections.

“Once you have that immune reaction the mucus will travel to different places, and it will get into your lungs,” Doctor Tobleman said. Doctor Tobleman said developing bronchitis or sinus infections are the most common infections.

To help keep allergy symptoms from getting worse, doctors recommend taking medicine from day one and wash sheets often. “Before you go to bed at night wash your hair to get all the pollen out to help your symptoms at night,” Tobleman said.

By Cassie Gallo
January 22, 2104