Allergy Shots Vs Allergy Drops – What’s Best For You?

You have options when it comes to how you pursue allergen immunotherapy treatment: allergy shots (otherwise known as subcutaneous immunotherapy) and allergy drops (sublingual immunotherapy). By selecting the option that best suits you, you give yourself the best chance at a compliant, successful treatment.

While both allergy shots and allergy drops can be safely self-administered and both offer the same long-term relief, it’s important for you to find the choice that best fits your preferences and lifestyle. That said, which method is best for you will depend on which factors you value more. Please consult with your primary physician.

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Allergy Shots*Allergy Drops**
AdministrationSubcutaneous injectionDrops under the tongue
FrequencyEvery other day and, eventually, twice weeklyDaily
StorageRefrigerationRoom temperature- No refrigeration needed
Office visits first year9Minimum of 3
Covered by insuranceYes, by mostNo
Symptom improvement?6-12 months3-6 months
Treats forUp to 20 allergensUp to 10 allergens
Common side effectsRed, itchy wheal at site of injectionOral itching and/or swelling

* Based on our proprietary allergy shots protocol

**Based on the Allergy Allay Drops™ protocol