As a Clinical Allergy Specialist, I have gained phenomenal experience that I believe will make me a stronger medical school applicant. Before joining the company, I worked as a medical scribe in several different specialties, but the hands-on experience and valuable interactions as a CAS remain unmatched. Working directly with patients, multiple providers, as well as fellow CAS, has allowed me to view medicine from a vast number of perspectives and understand that no two patients nor providers are alike. In addition to my clinical experience, the GAP year program at UAS provides tools to strength your application for profession schools. The reimbursement program has been my best friend, as I can invest in myself with quality study materials and not worry about being able to afford it. I have truly enjoyed my time here at UAS, and I am very excited and confident about applying to medical school this spring.

– Essence, 2020 Medical School Applicant
UAS Gap Year Program