Add value to your existing website by embedding our website widget into one or more pages of your site.

We periodically update the widget content with articles, educational pieces, and Q & A snippets about allergies and helpful resources for allergy sufferers. These content updates are automatic and you only need to add the embed code to your site once.

The website widget is available in four different sizes and backgrounds. Choose the color and layout that will best blend with your website design:

  • Wide layout, light background (shown below)
  • Wide layout, dark background (shown below)
  • Narrow/sidebar layout, light background
  • Narrow/sidebar layout, dark background

The widget code is responsive and mobile-friendly. Wide and narrow/sidebar layouts will look identical on smaller mobile devices.

How to Install

How to Install

    1. Choose your layout:

    2. Choose your background:

    3. Copy embed code into your website:
    (If you are using a content management system like WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace, use the HTML, Code, Raw HTML, or similar element/block.)

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