I have less congestion, sneezing, and sore throats. I only wish I had started immunotherapy treatments sooner! I am very thankful that this is offered at the same location where my primary care physician is located.

– Patient, San Antonio, TX

Although I was a bit worried about starting treatment in the spring. I have been amazed with the results already. And I love getting treatment through my physician’s office where I know everyone and am known!

– Patient, Atlanta, GA

With the allergy treatment, I am a new person – no more feeling bad, clogged head, runny nose, stuffy sinuses. Now I can breathe and get back to my old self!

– Patient, Mountain Head, AR

The CAS has been a dream to work with. I never thought I could administer injections myself, but she made it very simple to learn and made me feel extremely comfortable. I am very glad that I chose to do this treatment.

– Patient, Sulphur, LA

My CAS is very pleasant, personable, very well educated and knowledgeable on allergy information. I have had a very pleasant experience every time I come in for my follow-up appointments. Her positive attitude makes me less nervous about self-injections.

– Patient, Saint Joseph, MO

I was very glad to hear there was a treatment for me and my son to help with our allergies. I was scared at first about giving myself the shot, but with the great training I was able to overcome that fear. Thank you.

– Patient, Saint Joseph, MO

I have tried every medication and was to the point where nothing seemed to work when testing was suggested. I was excited to learn my insurance paid the full cost of testing and treatment.

– Patient, Saint Joseph, MO

I like the process of giving the injections myself. I can tell a difference in my allergy symptoms, especially now that I am on my maintenance vials.

– Patient, Lafayette, LA

This experience has helped me figure out what I’m allergic to and learn how to administer the shots without going to the doctor’s office three times a week.

– Patient, Durham, NC

My experience has been nothing but informative, refreshing and above satisfaction. I feel like my life is changing for the better and with the high success rate, I will finish this therapy and cure my allergies for good. This thought helps me through life as a happier man.

– Patient, Brunswick, GA