Since being with UAS...

Since being with UAS I have seen allergen immunotherapy make such a difference in the lives of many patients. I have watched patients who struggled to play sports because of their allergies become more able to do so! It is amazing to see children more able to do the things they love without their allergies interfering! I am grateful to be able to help give those patients a better quality of life!

– CAS, Maryland

I have worked with UAS 8...

I have worked for UAS for almost 8 years now and could not be more grateful for the opportunities I have had to learn, help patients and grown in my own career development! UAS provides such a valuable service to patients suffering with allergies and to physician partners who desire to help their patients live healthy, happy lives. Seeing patients feel better as they actually treat their allergies rather than just mask them with medications, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing people! The teams are truly like family and so supportive. We make a difference every day in what we do and we do it together and that has been such a wonderful thing to get to be a part of for the last 8 years. No job will be 100% perfect all of the time, but I truly believe UAS is one of the best companies to work for!

– Clinical Supervisor, North Carolina

I have worked with UAS...

I have worked with UAS for 2 years and it has brought me joy to get multiple positive feedbacks from patients. I see them improve along the way of their treatment. They always feel so happy to see me “uncommon for people to react this way when they know they are receiving a shot”. I have had patients tell me they are so happy because now they can perform the things they love to do without feeling sick. Some will even mention they will follow me wherever I go. Even though I cannot take all my patients with me everywhere I go, it makes me feel good they have trust in me. I have seen it really works its wonders.

– CAS, Texas

I am fairly new...

I am a fairly new CAS to UAS. I started in December 2019. So far, the company has been more than welcoming. The POD that I am apart of is such a tight knit POD and someone is always there when I have a question. My CS is amazing! She has built up my confidence in being a new cAS and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me! I am also a patient of UAS as well. The CAS that has been overseeing me has been so informative and it is wonderful to be able to relate to my patients on the same level as well. I can share with them my journey and use my experiences to help answer any questions they have and help was any doubts that they have. I am only one month in, but I can already tell that this will be a great tool to help my clinic grow as well!

– CAS, Maryland

My name is Ali...

My name is Ali and I work at the front desk of the clinic Jazmin works out of. Every single patient that comes in to see the allergy lab are always looking forward to see Jaz. Patients tend to be so interested in the allergy lab. Also, Jazmin always makes my day so much better.

– Provider, Texas

During my beginnings...

During my new beginnings and knowledge of this team’s services, I have witnessed phenomenal service not only to the patients but other staff as well. Whether it is walking into the office or walking out, I always see happy and satisfied patients. The services provided increase the flow of greater good to all. Thank you and all staff for sharing such compassion to make lives better.

– Provider, Texas

Immunotherapy is helping...

Immunotherapy is helping my patients improve chronic symptoms such as sinus congestion, frequent colds and URI, coughs, rashes, and headaches. In addition, it limits the overuse of prescribed antibiotics and patients are satisfied with the results.

– Provider, New Jersey

I have noticed...

I have noticed a lot of patients who suffer from allergies have gotten an allergy test and have accepted immunotherapy are extremely happy because they do not suffer with their allergies anymore.

– Provider, Maryland

I have less congestion, sneezing, and sore throats. I only wish I had started immunotheraphy treatments sooner! I am very thankful that this is offered at the same location where my primary care physician is located.

– Patient, San Antonio, TX

Although I was a bit worried about starting treatment in the spring. I have been amazed with the results already. And I love getting treatment through my physician’s office where I know everyone and am known!

– Patient, Atlanta, GA